Investment Planning(Local/Offshore fund)/ 投资规划(本地/离岸基金)

17 Sep 2014
Investment Planning(Local/Offshore fund)/ 投资规划(本地/离岸基金)
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We provide a wide range of investment using EPF, Private Retirement Scheme (PRS), cash account by using wrap account features to develop a holistic & tactical approach to your investment portfolio including offshore investment for clients who seek to invest & grow their money out of the country. Ultimately to achieve  the investor investment goal & objectives.

Wrap account is wraps an investor's unit trust investment into a single online account. It has been widely available in developed country such as U.S, Austrialia ,Singapore etc.Benefits of wrap account for investors:

1) provide investor to construct right mix of funds from same and different fund houses as well.
2) provide lower sales charges of investment.
3) provide free unlimited switching between same & different fund houses as well to rebalance the               investors' portfolio through the investment and different economic cycles more efficiently.  
4) provide less administrative work & easier monitor using single consolidated statement.
5) provide transaction to be done online conveniently.
We are dedicated to help you achieve your financial goals & objectives as the lower sales charge provide the higher chances of your investment portfolio giving you positive return earlier.

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