Financial & Estate Planning/ 遗产规划

20 Oct 2014
Financial & Estate Planning/ 遗产规划
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The disappearance of MH370, the downing of MH17, air crash & gas explosion in Taiwan, Earthquake in Chna & outbreak of Ebola virus have made us realised how fragile & unpredictable life is.Hence, a well financial & estate planning is extremely important to protect our loved one.

MH370的消失,MH17不幸的被击落,台湾复兴航空坠毁, 中国地震,伊波拉传染病等事件,让我们感受到生命的脆弱与无常。正因此,一个良好的 财务与遗产规划保护我们所爱的人是非常重要的。

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