Education Planning/ 教育规划

Education Planning/ 教育规划 Education Planning/ 教育规划

If your child ask you: Dad & mum , I am going to my tertiary education next year. Are you ready for me to pursue my dream of further study?
To most of the parents, children tertiary education fees are expensive nowadays. The cost of studying for a degree are rising over the years especially private local college & oversea university.
There are several aspects parents need to consider when planning for children's tertiary education. For example, places to study( local Government university, private local college or oversea university will affect the education fund we need to accumulate), types of courses/programme taken, inflation on tuition fee,living expenses, courses materials,transportation charges etc

Some common mistake done by parents on children education planning:

1) ONLY invest in Fixed Deposits or child bank savings account. Bear in mind, low interest rate not
   able to catch up the inflation rate of education fees.
2) ONLY invest in expensive child education/endowment insurance policy.
3)ONLY invest long periods in unit trust without portfolio rebalancing to reflect the current market conditions.

 Parents who plan ahead will be in a better position to acheive their children education goals & objectives

We provide an idea as to how much parents need to accumulate to acheive the desired amount.

如果您的孩子问:爸爸, 妈妈,我明年要进入大学了, 你们准备好让我追寻继续深造的梦想了吗?

本地政府大学,本地私立大学或海外大学, 就读的课程,学费,生活费,


1) 仅投资于顶定期存款或儿童储蓄户口。须知低回报率,无法赶上教育费的
    通膨率, 或
2)仅投资于昂贵的子女教育/储蓄保单, 或
3)仅长时间投资单位信托基金,无做投资组合再平衡, 以反映当前的市场条件

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