Insurance Planning(Local/Offshore)/ 保险规划(本地/离岸)

Insurance Planning(Local/Offshore)/ 保险规划(本地/离岸) Insurance Planning(Local/Offshore)/ 保险规划(本地/离岸)

Insurance can be important component of your overall financial plan. Hence, what types of Insurance products & how much should be adequately covered to meet your financial protection needs should you sudden death/total permanent disabled/critical illnesses is very important. It is more than just buying an insurance plan.

Everyone places hope for future. But there are 2 things in our life that is unpredicted, one is sudden accident, another is serious illnesses. In addition, when we were born that moment, we are stepping towards death. Do you agree?

Buying life insurance cannot change your life but to prevent your life being changed!

So, what types of insurance should we buy?

 Have you ever wondered?

1)      By just putting a nomination, will it be sufficient?

2)      If you as a policy owner unfortunately suffered from total permanent             disabled (TPD), what will happen to your TPD insurance claim?

3)      What will happen to your insurance claim if your sole nominee is your         spouse, who predeceased or common disaster with you?

4)      What will happen to your insurance claim if your nominee is minor             child? He/she cannot receive your insurance claim directly due to the         incompetence (below age 18 and/or mentally/physically disabled).               Problem arises especially those policy owners who specially wanted             to exclude the ex-spouse or irresponsible spouse to receive the               insurance claim that was reserved for the children.

5)      If you want your siblings, relatives or parents (nomination after             married) to benefit from the insurance claim? How to make sure they           get it?
After the implementation of the Financial Services Act 2013, the policy owners can no longer appoint himself as TRUSTEE, Under Para 5(1) of Sch 10, the nominees named by the policy owners will become trust policy if the nominees are spouse or child or parent(s) if there is no spouse and child at the time of nomination. Any revocation of nomination or adding new nominees  than spouse, child or parent(s) ,varying or surrendering the policy or assigning the policy as security must have written consent by them. If the relationship between the policy owner and nominee become sour, any policy amendment which require his/her written consent become complicated/difficult to handle.For example, a bad relationship divorced couple, when policyholder wanted to remove the ex-spouse as nominee and change to newly marriage spouse as nominee.

Do you want to preserve and distribute your beneficiary's insurance
claim entitlement properly and ultimately fulfil your intention of buying insurance? We provide solution for you.

Types of Insurance
1)Life Insurance(Whole Life/Investment linked)
2)Term Life
3)Critical Illnesses
4)Medical Card
7) Personal Accident

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