Investment Planning(Local/Offshore fund)/ 投资规划(本地/离岸基金)

Investment Planning(Local/Offshore fund)/ 投资规划(本地/离岸基金) Investment Planning(Local/Offshore fund)/ 投资规划(本地/离岸基金)

We provide a wide range of investment using EPF, Private Retirement Scheme (PRS), cash account by using wrap account features to develop a holistic & tactical approach to your investment portfolio including offshore investment for clients who seek to invest & grow their money out of the country. Ultimately to achieve  the investor investment goal & objectives.

Wrap account is wraps an investor's unit trust investment into a single online account. It has been widely available in developed country such as U.S, Austrialia ,Singapore etc.Benefits of wrap account for investors:

1) provide investor to construct right mix of funds from same and different fund houses as well.
2) provide lower sales charges of investment.
3) provide free unlimited switching between same & different fund houses as well to rebalance the               investors' portfolio through the investment and different economic cycles more efficiently.  
4) provide less administrative work & easier monitor using single consolidated statement.
5) provide transaction to be done online conveniently.
We are dedicated to help you achieve your financial goals & objectives as the lower sales charge provide the higher chances of your investment portfolio giving you positive return earlier.

Time and Compounding
It is never too soon or too late to start investing, but delay can be very costly.
Compounding is simply your money earning interest, and that money earning more interest and so on. 
To illustrate the power of time and compounding, assuming A & B  age 30 now .
A started saving at age 30 and invested RM1,000 each year for 10 years. After that, A stopped investing completely.
B only started investing at the age of 40. He saved RM1,000 each year for 25 years.
B invested for 15 more years than A did. Assuming they both earned an 10% annual rate of return, who will have more money at age 65? No taxes, fees etc are reflected in this example.
A only put RM10,000, but his account grew to more than RM150,000 by retirement. B who saved a total of RM25,000, ended up with about RM98,000. Why is it so? The answer is Time and compounding.
Do not ignore the impact that time and compounding may have on your investments.Use time to your advantage.

Let us understand your financial needs and/or worries so that we can provide best solution for you.

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